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Earth Works

Allan Construction has an extensive fleet of Light Duty and Power Mobile Equipment that continues to grow and improve every year. We are able to complete all earthworks with our own equipment and trained operators.

We have Topcon GPS installed on our power mobile equipment which now enables us to excavate and place all subbase and base to the specified depths with accurate precision.

Nutrien Allan - FTMA Cell 2 Base Dyke Construction

Nutrien Allan SK, Mine Site

  • 3 year project (2017 - 2019)

  • 1.944 million m3 of earthen excavation

  • 2.3 km of earthen dyke

  • Cast in place concrete decant structure

  • 1200mm HDPE decant pipe

  •  Dyke toe drain system


Alloy Collision Center

Location: Saskatoon Sk

Client: Vaughn Wyant Investments Inc.

Slope and Shoreline Erosion Protection Measures

Lumsden SK

Slope and shoreline erosion protection at 2 locations on Highway 20.
Project included:

  •  clearing & grubbing 

  • excavation of embankment slopes

  • installation of new sheet piling at both locations

  • installation of an engineered concrete block tie back system at one location

  • granular sand backfill

  • installation of concrete reinforced mats at both locations complete with topsoil and seed infill

  • new guardrail system


All traffic accommodation was completed by Allan Construction

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re - 10ws - y-20201201_223347125_iOS
re - 9ws - y-20201201_223032545_iOS
re - 11ws - y-20201201_224619610_iOS

Dream Development - Brighton Pond

Saskatoon SK

  • 500,000m3 of area grading and pond

  • Construction 644 lm of storm utilities, control chamber and manholes


PCS Patience Lake  - Injection Expansion

Patience Lake SK, Mine Site

  • Installation of 14KM of double walled pipeline to the Patience Lake Mine Site.

  • Construction of concrete pull stations every 700m along the pipeline.

  • Construction of 4 Head Houses at the wellheads.

injection 12
injection 14
injection 3
injection 8
injection 5
injection 6
injection 2
injection 1
injection 9
injection 4
injection 7
injection 11
injection 13
injection 16
injection 15

ILTA Grain Spur-Line

Belle Plain SK

  • 58,000 m3 of subgrade

  • 12,500 m3 of sub ballast

  • 12,500 m3 of granular surfacing culverts

ILTA - 1
ILTA - 8
ILTA - 2
ILTA - 7
ILTA - 4

Norquay Lagoon

Norquay SK

  • 105,000m3 of new lagoon cell construction

  • 7500 m3 of new forcemain installed.

Norquay - Pano

Alloy Collision Center

Location: Saskatoon Sk

Client: Vaughn Wyant Investments Inc.

Jackfish Lake Campground Infrastructure Construction

​Jackfish Lake  SK

  • Construction of 99 new campsites complete with new water and sewer connections.

  • Construction of a new water treatment plant/sanitary service building and a new washroom building.

  • Installation of owner supplied water treatment equipment and FRP storage tank.

  • Installation of a new lift station and connection to the existing well.

drone 002
drone 005
drone 007
drone 006
drone 001
drone 004

Alloy Collision Center

Location: Saskatoon Sk

Client: Vaughn Wyant Investments Inc.

Optimist Hill 

​Saskatoon  SK

  •  All earthworks required to increase the existing Diefenbaker Hill by 5m for a new snow park in Saskatoon.

  • Installation of new conveyor system and precast vault.

  • Installation of 2 new snow hydrants and HDPE piping.

  • New irrigation building and interior finishes.

  • Seeding and hydromulching.

OSP - 15
OSP -12
OSP - 01
OSP - 08
OSP -20
OSP -16
OSP -17
OSP -19
OSP - 14
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