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Design Build

Allan Construction has completed several Design/Build Projects throughout the years. We are also an authorized builder for VP Buildings and have erected several VP Buildings through the Design/Build Process.


Ironhouse - Alltech

RM of Corman Park SK

  • New 17000  square foot pre-engineered building completed with shop and offices

  • New septic tank and fire suppression tanks were installed along with all soft landscaping and asphalt parking lot.       

pcs lanigan1
pcs lanigan dry renovationaddition

PCS Lanigan - Mine Dry Addition &  Renovation

Lanigan Mine Site SK

  • New 32,000 square foot, single storey mine dry addition to the existing mine dry.       

Mitch 5
Mitch 3-crop

Ironhouse - Mitchelmore Ave

Saskatoon SK

  •  20,050 sq ft pre-engineered VP Building complete with 2 loading docks.

  •  All interior finishes and tenant improvements.

  • Soft Landscaping.

  • Asphalt parking lot.

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