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Allan Construction specializes in all aspects of concrete work including forming, casting, and finishing.
The majority of our work includes, commercial/industrial and institutional.

Chinook Power Station 

Swift Current SK



  • ​Form, cast and finish 10,000 cubic meters of reinforced concrete, and supply and install  10,000 lineal meters of buried piping, high pressure airlines and electrical conduits

  • Construction of a 70,000m3 evaporation pond

Chinook Concrete -1
Chinook Concrete - 3
Chinook Concrete - 5
Chinook Concrete - 6
Chinook Concrete - 2
Chinook Concrete - 4

BHP - Service Shaft Head Frame    & Hoist Foundations

Jansen SK, Mine Site

  • ​Earthworks, formwork, concrete casting and finishing for the Service Shaft Head Frame Foundations and Hoist Foundations.

  • Approximately 10,000 m3 of concrete cast and finished during this project.

jansenshaft 1
jansenshaft 3
jansenshaft 2

Sid Buckwold Bridge Rehabilitation 

Saskatoon SK

  • Two year restoration project on the Sid Buckwold Bridge including work on Idylwyld Drive and 1st Avenue North Flyovers

  • New concrete barriers, deck replacement on the bridge

  • Concrete repairs to deck, soffit, and abutments

  • New membrane and asphalt 

  • One new overhead sign structure 

  • Bridge jacking for abutment repairs 

  • Pigeon removal and bird exclusions 

  • Installation of 16 new expansion joints.

SBS - 2
SBS - 9
SBS - 7
SBS - 6
SBS - 5
SBS - 4
SBS - 3
SBS - 11
SBS - 10
SBS - 8
SBS -1

Island Falls Concrete Rehabilitation  ​- Phase 2, 4, 6 & 8

Island Falls SK

  • ​​​​​Work at 'A' Dam:

  •  Dredging at west abutment

  •  Installation of sheet piles and reinforced concrete infill

  •  Extension of east pier

  • Concrete Beam Reinforcing

  • Stoplog Lifter Approach Slab Extension and Rails

  • Curb Extension & Guardrail Improvements

  • Lighting and Electrical Distribution Upgrades


  • Work at 'Main' Dam:

  •  Removal of existing conduit, handrail, concrete curb, steel scrap and timber stoplogs

  •  Corbel construction on underside of existing deck

  •  16" concrete topping to entire deck

  •  New crane rails

  •  Lift and roll gantry crane and stop log lifter onto new concrete deck

  •  Conduit, lighting, electrical distribution, grating, handrail and fencing

  •  Misc. Repairs to upstream deck face

  • Concrete restoration on main dam piers and new concrete coatings

  • Reinforcing the rail beams

  • New concrete slab for the stoplog lifter

  • Trestle Bridge Upgrades

  • Cladding Replacement

  • Underwater Concrete Repairs


PCS ALLAN - Head Frame and  Hoist Foundation

Allan SK, Mine Site

  • ​​Excavation, formwork, rebar installation, anchor bolt installation, concrete casting and finishing and all backfilling for the new South Headframe Leg Foundations, North Leg Foundations, Hoist Foundations, Hoist House Foundations, Slab Foundations and Crane Foundations.​

  • Approximately 3000 m3 of concrete cast and finished during this project.

pcs-allan head frame 1
pcs-allan head frame 4
pcs-allan head frame 3
pcs-allan head frame 2
pcs-allan head frame 5

Agrium Vanscoy - Mine Exhaust Upgrade

Vanscoy SK, Agrium Mine Site

  • ​New foundations for additional underground ventilation fans​.

agrium vanscoy - mine exhaust upgrade 4
agrium vanscoy - mine exhaust upgrade 3
agrium vanscoy - mine exhaust upgrade 2

City of Saskatoon - River Landing

Saskatoon SK

  • ​​​Completion of all the new concrete and paving stone pathways, concrete belvederes, amphitheatre, spray park, Pavilion, pedestrian bridge , soft landscaping, and the new entrances off of Ave A, B & C

riverlanding - 1
riverlanding - 5
riverlanding  - 4
riverlanding  - 2
riverlanding  - 3
riverlanding - 6
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